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Hi, I'm Marty Hale-Evans.

I design and make the jewelry. I also designed and coded the website, shot and finished the pictures, wrote the copy, and drew the logo art. You can find facts about me on my personal website.

Winged Elephant Designs grew out of two main factors. First, I have been making jewelry since I was a kid, so after I filled my own jewelry boxes and those of my family and friends, I had two choices: start selling it or stop making it. The latter is impossible, so I was forced to do the former.

Second, as a plus-size woman AND a jewelry fiend, I became more and more exasperated at the lack of jewelry in larger sizes. Necklaces never fit me in the styles I wanted, and finding longer bracelets was hopeless. We large women deserve to adorn ourselves just as fabulously as our smaller sisters, so I wanted to try to fill that gap a bit.

In case you're wondering, the yellow flying elephant came to me as a symbol in a dream.

Special thanks go out to my husband Ron, for emotional support and being my favorite system operator. Also to my sister Meredith, for more emotional support and being my lovely model. Wider thanks go to the rest of my family and friends, and the size acceptance community at large, for endless support and inspiration.

I hope you find something here that tickles your fancy. Please drop me a line to say hi if you feel inclined.



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